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Urge the New Zealand government to save NZ dolphins

What we’re calling for…

Carnival claims to be ‘The World’s Most Popular Cruise Line ®’. But it’s no carnival for dolphins.

Passengers on Carnival's cruise ships are offered a variety of 'shore excursions' including dolphin theme parks where holidaymakers can hug, kiss and swim with captive dolphins.

Hug and kiss dolphins...seriously?

Can you believe that dolphins are put through this...over and over, day after day...for our amusement?

The tide is turning against imprisoning dolphins for human 'entertainment'. There is no place for cruelty like this in the 21st century.

Carnival says it’s the industry leader. Now it’s time for them to prove it.

Tell Carnival to sail the cruise industry out of the dark ages and stop exploiting dolphins.

Your support will make a difference – already Carnival have agreed to review their captive tour encounters. But this is just a start, we need them to do more and keep up the pressure.

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Dive deeper

Dolphins should not be held captive to be kissed by tourists every day. Dolphins should be free to live with their families making their own choices about how they spend their days.

Carnival is the largest cruise operator in the world. It owns big names like P&O Cruises, Princess Cruises, Cunard and others. We have been raising this issue with Carnival and its subsidiaries for years now. We’ve provided them with information about how swim-with-dolphins facilities are bad for the dolphins held captive and forced to interact with tourists, as well as for the environment and the wild dolphin populations left behind.

We’ve given them the evidence and yet they still promote these cruel dolphin 'shore-excursions'. It’s time they stopped fobbing us off. It’s time for you to tell them that you won’t tolerate this cruelty.

If Carnival takes a stand, others may follow. So let's ask Carnival to show us they're the leader they claim to be. It's time to stop profiting from dolphin exploitation.

Meet Sundance

Ending the demand: Successes so far

Virgin Holidays agreed to stop selling holidays to marine parks that take whales or dolphin from the wild.

Thomas Cook has dropped trips to parks that don’t meet minimum welfare standards.

Trip Advisor will no longer sell tickets offering contact with captive, wild or endangered animals.

Every whale and dolphin - safe & free

There are 4 vital ways that we are fighting for the survival of whales and dolphins.

Together we can:

Ethical Superstore

End captivity

Whales and dolphins have a right to live free and healthy lives. These highly intelligent individuals should not suffer for human entertainment.


Stop whaling

Commercial whaling is illegal. And yet, every year, Japan, Norway and Iceland kill around 1,500 whales.

Fourth Element

Create healthy seas

Commercial fishing, oil and gas drilling, and shipping are threatening the lives of whales and dolphins.


Prevent deaths in nets

Hundreds of thousands of whales and dolphins are accidentally caught and killed in fishing gear every year.