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 Simple fundraising ideas to help you get started.

1. Bake for Belugas.
Sell home-made whale-shaped cookies to friends, family and colleagues. If you haven't got one, whale-shaped cutters are available from WDC’s online shop.

2. The Gift of Freedom.
Getting married or celebrating a birthday? Help give whales and dolphins the gift of freedom by requesting donations to WDC instead of gifts.

3. Clean up & Clear Out.
Whales and dolphins need clean seas free of plastic. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure so hold a Car Boot Sale and donate the proceeds to WDC.

4. Breakfast or Brunch for blue whales
Invite friends and family for coffee and croissants, or a Full English - or organise a breakfast at work - with donations to WDC.

5. Fin(e) Fashion

Hold a fashion show at your Rotary, Golf or other Club/Society:

Pearls & Prosecco for Porpoises

Don it for Dolphins

Wear it for Whales

6. Dine for Dolphins

 ‘Come dine with me’ evenings are sociable, fun and a great way to try out new recipes.

Make it a workplace challenge/team-building event.

7. Change for cetaceans

Spare change but no spare time? Simply pop those heavy loose coins from your purse/pocket at the end of every day for 30 days into a Change Box - get one from [email protected], then donate quickly and easily online.

8. Brew for the Blue (Whale)

 At £2 a cup, a month of take-away coffees can cost you a whopping £60!

Make your own for 30 days and donate £2 a day to WDC.

Reusable coffee cups available from WDC's online shop.

9. Swim like a dolphin?
It doesn't matter how far or fast you can swim!
Try an Individual Dolphin, Individual Whale or Pod Challenge in the 2019 BIG Splash Swim. For more info visit (link) or email us at [email protected]

10. Dance for Dolphins, Waltz for Whales or Ceroc for Cetaceans
Whatever style, whatever speed, hold a Dance-a-thon! Gymnasts can leap, jump or Spin like Spinners too. Taekwondo, kickboxing or judo clubs can hold a sponsored event.

11. Hourglass Figure
Porpoises and whales are beautiful but are you a bit on the Heaviside?

Lose that blubber and be sponsored per lb/kilo lost – you lose, but the whales gain.

12. Songs for the Humpback

Organise a music marathon or a concert – dare we suggest sea shanties or sea-themed songs?

Christmas Carol Service – 30 Carols non-stop?

13. Green-fingered Gardener

Give away cuttings and excess home-grown produce in return for a donation.

Make jam or chutneys from produce?

Sell a few jars – everyone loves home-made.

14. Don it for Dolphins / Wear it for Whales

Dress-down (or up) day at work or school.

Pink for Pilots – go pink from head to toe (or blue).

The loudest shirt, the wildest, wackiest tie or headgear – be creative! (and send us photos!).

15. Silence for Sei (whales)

A sponsored silence isn’t as easy as it sounds!

Could you rise to the challenge?

Could you go without your mobile phone and all other means of communication for a day?

16. The 30-30 Club 

Ask 30 friends, relatives, colleagues to donate £1 a month and draw a name out of the hat at the end of each month – the winner takes half the pot and WDC receives the rest.

17. eBay for Charity

Selling your unused or unwanted items on eBay for charity is simple –

just follow the instructions and choose WDC to benefit from a percentage of your proceeds.

 18. Name the Whale, Dolphin or Porpoise

50p or £1 a square for 50 names = £25 or £50. Perfect for fairs, fetes and festivals.

Name grids available from [email protected].


19. Hair today, gone tomorrow!

Go for the (sponsored) chop or beard shave and save on shampoo and conditioner!

Men - could you brave the shave and wax your legs?

20. Will for Whales
Writing your will is easier than you think.

A gift to WDC in your will costs you nothing now but will help us stop more species becoming extinct.

21. Blue for Bottlenoses, Pink for Porpoises.
Organise a Colour Raffle at work or school – it’s amazing what diverse items you can find that only have their colour in common.

22. Toys not Tanks.

Children bored with old toys? Think how whales and dolphins must feel in their empty tanks – more fun playing with flippered friends in the wide ocean.

Take a toy or game (in good condition) to school, pay £1 to swap with classmates and enjoy a new one.

Ask your teacher if the whole school can do it one lunchtime.

23. Plan for a Porpoise

Mean to do your birthday (or Christmas) shopping early but never do?

Visit or to find that perfect present.

24. Waddle for Whales or Pod Plod.

Toddlers, Playgroups and Nurseries – do a sponsored waddle or plod around your hall, playground, garden or park.

Any group can organise this simple fundraising activity and we can supply sponsorship forms and a t-shirt for the leader.

We'll also send you a certificate for your wall or notice board as well as a 'little something' to thank everyone who took part.

25. Ride for Rights.

Cycle or walk to work instead of taking the bus and donate your bus fare to WDC.

Try it for a month - you'll be fitter and avoid all the traffic jams too.

26. Crafty?

Do you knit, sew, crochet, paint, draw or sculpt and sell your handiwork?  Our Partners donate a % or fixed amount per item to WDC.
Contact us for a free fabric whale pattern - you can then sell or raffle your fabric whale  –but please send us a photo first!

27. Challenge for Cetaceans

Face your biggest fear or dare yourself to get out of your comfort zone. From a weekend in the UK wilderness or a week-long overseas challenge, we can help!  Contact [email protected] for help and inspiration.

28. Armchair Challenger

Eat, sleep, game, repeat...

Any game, anywhere in the world...

Sign up for WDC’s 2019 Gamers for Orcas Challenge.

Register or find out more from [email protected]

29. Party for a Porpoise

Celebrate in style – New Year’s Eve, Valentine’s Day, Easter, Summer Garden Party, Halloween – you can party at any time of year.

Ask your guests to make a donation to WDC – and please send us a photo!

30. Beluga Bootcamp

Little White and Little Grey can do it - so can you!

Get sponsored to get fit.

In the gym or outdoors - swim, run, walk, cycle or any activity you can think of.