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Corporate Adoptions

By choosing to support WDC’s corporate whale and dolphin adoption programme you will be directly helping to secure a safe and free future for these social, intelligent and beautiful creatures.

We will send you a special adoption package, so that you will also be able to share the impact of your generous support with staff, partners and customers. You could decide on a species based on your brand characteristics, have a vote in the office or simply pick your favourite!

WDC offers three different packages. To help with your decision, you can read more about the species you can adopt, their individual cultures and characteristics, and the package your company will receive, below.

Your organisation can adopt orcas, humpbacks and dolphins through WDC and receive a fantastic corporate pack to share with your team!

Humpback whale


£500 minimum donation,
plus £500 fundraising target.

Version 2


£1000 minimum donation,
plus £1000 fundraising target.

Meet Sundance


£5000 donation,
plus an expected fundraising target.

Fundraise for us and build your team too

A WDC corporate adoption is a fantastic way to share your charitable values with your staff and to engage them with further fundraising activities, and we can help by giving lots of support and guidance.