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Humpback whale corporate adoption

£500 minimum donation, plus £500 fundraising target.

The humpback whale is renowned for being one of the most energetic of the large whales, and can be distinguished by their large size, knobbly head and 5m long flippers. Male humpbacks sing the longest, most complex songs in the animal kingdom, that are even divided into 'verses' and sung in a specific order, which may last for as long as half an hour.

Humpback whales make long journeys, and can travel at 25 mph, but move more slowly during migration, resting and socialising along the way. Each population of humpbacks has its own migration route; generally they spend the winter in warm, low latitudes or tropical waters breeding and giving birth, and the spring, summer and autumn feeding in cooler, high latitude polar waters.

More than 250,000 humpbacks were killed in past whaling operations. Many humpback populations are recovering but some are still endangered as a result of habitat loss; chemical and noise pollution; entanglement in fishing nets and lack of food.

You can adopt Pepper, Salt, Reflection and Midnight. These four charismatic humpback whales are part of the humpback whale population who spend the summer months around the coast of New England, USA.

Humpback whale with calf

Your humpback whale adoption pack will include:

  • Adoption certificate for display at your place of work, plus a digital version for your website to showcase your wonderful support.
  • Information pack about the whales you are supporting, plus a digital version that can be shared with your team, and customers.
  • Your support will be highlighted on, and will feature in our annual review.
  • Monthly email newsletters providing you with updates and images on your adopted whales and WDC’s work.
  • Fundraising support for events and acknowledgement of support on the WDC socials.
  • Complimentary copies of our award winning magazine ‘Whale & Dolphin’ every 3 months which feature your adoption whales and how your support is helping to protect whales and dolphins around the world.
  • A goody bag, containing stickers, tote bags and other WDC merchandise to use as staff or customer rewards/incentives.

Enquire about a corporate humpback adoption

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