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Orca corporate adoption

£1,000 minimum donation, plus £1,000 fundraising target

Orcas are the most widely distributed of all whales and dolphins, found in every ocean. They are complex, highly social, and have different cultures – they have their own civilisation under the sea!  In orca populations, knowledge is passed down to younger individuals from their elders. They are top predators, yes, but not the vicious “whale killers” that the ancient mariners thought them to be.

Orcas worldwide face a number of threats. They have been targeted for capture to be sold to theme parks, in which they spend their lives in small concrete tanks, away from their families with little space to swim. In the wild they also face a lack of food, chemical and noise pollution, increasing ship traffic, harassment, conflict with fisheries, habitat loss and risk of oil spills.  In some regions – Greenland, Japan, Indonesia, and some Caribbean islands – they are also still the victims of hunting.

You can adopt Bend, Fife, Holly and Simoom. These four amazing orcas are part of the Northern Resident population who spend the summer months around British Columbia, Canada.

Orca pod

Your orca adoption pack will include:

  • Adoption certificate for display at your place of work, plus a digital version for your website to showcase your wonderful support.
  • Help organising a special screening of the award-winning documentary Blackfish for staff, or a Skype Q&A or webchat with one of WDC’s experts on a whale/dolphin related topic of your choice.
  • Fundraising support for events and acknowledgement of support on the WDC socials.
  • A special mounted photograph of your adoption orcas to display at your place of work
  • Your support will be highlighted on, and will feature in our annual review, as well as in a copy of our supporter magazine (which has a circulation of 17,000 supporters)
  • Information pack about the whales you are supporting, plus a digital version that can be shared with your team, and customers.
  • Monthly email newsletters providing you with updates and images on your adopted whale or dolphin, and WDC’s work.
  • Complimentary copies of our award-winning magazine Whale & Dolphin every 3 months which features your adoption orcas and how your support is making a difference to whales and dolphins around the world.
  • A goody bag, containing WDC T-shirts, stickers, tote bags and other WDC merchandise to use as staff or customer rewards/incentives.

Enquire about corporate orca adoptions

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