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Sometimes simple fundraising ideas are the most effective - eg. a sponsored silence or asking for donations to WDC instead of birthday presents.

But whatever you choose to do, make sure it fits in with your lifestyle and the time you have available.  And, above all, it should be fun!

Be inspired by what some of our fundraisers have been up to -  or choose from one of our Easy Fundraising Ideas.

Or maybe consider purchasing something on our Amazon Wish List to help our Science team with their field work on Bardsey Island and the Isle of Lewis.

Southern resident orca


Completing three challenges in one year will see orca-lover Stanley inducted into the London Classics Hall of Fame.

Stanley says 'in 2019 I will run, cycle and swim my way across London... every stride, pedal and stroke is to fight for the freedom and security that the magnificent orca has the right to enjoy.  I will attempt to raise £3,000 for WDC, Whale and Dolphin Conservation.

£3,000 will support WDC's work to protect orca habitats, campaign for an end to captivity, stop disruptions to orca food sources and educate people on how their actions affect the world around them'.

To raise this money I will:

1. Run the London Marathon: 26 miles

26 is for the age that Lulu the orca never reached. Despite female orcas in the wild living up to 100 years, Lulu only reached 20 before she died after becoming caught in fishing equipment off the coast of Scotland. Her post-mortem also showed over 100 times the healthy limit of toxic PCBs in her blubber; cancer-causing chemicals originally used in electrical equipment that are leaking into the environment, despite being banned in the 1980s.

2. Cycle the Ride London-Surrey: 100 miles

100 miles is the distance an orca can swim each day however, in captivity, they are confined to tiny pools and destined to forever swim in circles. To me, running, swimming and cycling offer a freedom to roam and explore, a luxury that orcas in captivity cannot enjoy.  Kiska was captured from the wild in 1981 and for the last 37 years has been held in a small pool in Ontario, Canada.  For the last few years, she has been living alone, a sharp contrast to the large community groups orcas form in the wild.

3. Swim the Serpentine: 2 miles

Two is the number of annual Chinook salmon runs on the Snake River that have been disrupted by hydroelectric dams, obliterating the natural salmon numbers and depriving the Southern Resident orcas of a primary food source.  As a result, orca numbers in this community have declined rapidly and the population is now listed under the endangered species act.


Donate your Birthday

Birthday rhyme

Everyone loves celebrating with friends and families, or sharing cakes with work colleagues for a birthday, but you could give the gift of freedom to whales and dolphins by asking for donations to WDC instead of presents for yourself.

We're overwhelmed by the generosity of supporters who have asked for donations to WDC instead of birthday and even wedding gifts.

Julian (7) raised a fantastic £95, Maya (also 7) sent an incredible £435, Brooke (8) raised a wonderful £100, Tommy (9) donated an amazing £210 and there were wedding and Christmas gifts too.  Although there were no presents, all of them had fantastic birthday parties and enjoyed celebrating as usual.

If you'd like to help whales and dolphins in this simple way, get in touch at [email protected] and we'll send you something for your birthday party or a collecting jar for your other special occasion.

Silence is Golden

Little girl silence

The saying goes that 'Silence is golden', which is the colour of £1 coins too!

It sounds easy but keeping completely quiet for any length of time is actually very difficult. Some of our brilliant fundraisers have done just that - with incredible results!

Freya (13) raised £360, Brownies Madison & Ashley (9) raised £45 and Neave & her classmates raised a whopping £405.84.

Could you do the same?  Or could you set yourself an even bigger silent challenge and go totally 'off grid' - switching off mobile phones, tablets and any other means of communication?

Orcas and dolphins held captive in tanks are often alone and cannot communicate with their families or socialise with their friends - try it yourself and see what it must be like for them.

Email [email protected] for a sponsorship form, or set up a JustGiving page.

Easy Fundraising Ideas

Pod of dolphins

Click below for some simple ideas to help you get started with your fundraising.

Our 'Fifteen Fun Fundraising Ideas for helping Flippered Friends' for our younger supporters is available at Kidszone.

We are here to help and can provide advice, fundraising materials and information - just contact Stine and Sharon on [email protected].

Amazon Wish List


Our Science team regularly monitors populations of Risso's dolphins off the Isle of Lewis, Scotland and Bardsey Island, Wales and often needs to purchase or replace items of equipment.

The team's 'Wish List' is available on Amazon and items purchased can be delivered directly to our office in Chippenham, Wiltshire.

Please let us know if you are purchasing an item for WDC, so that we can acknowledge receipt and thank you for your generosity.

If you'd like to support Team Orca fundraisers, you can find out who's hosting an event or taking on a challenge near you on our What's On calendar.

Humpback whale tail

In Memory Giving

Saying goodbye to a loved one is never easy.

We are always incredibly grateful for support received in memory of someone who was passionate about whales, dolphins and porpoises.

Sometimes you might already know that donations to WDC should be requested at a funeral or thanksgiving service rather than flowers, which will of course help with arrangements.

Your funeral director will take care of donations made in memory of your loved one and, if you wish, WDC will be pleased to provide information for you to use on the service card or put by the collection box. Alternatively, you can set up a donation page on MemoryGiving (link).

If you would like to continue supporting WDC in memory of your loved one by making regular donations on specific dates (for example, their birthday), you can set up a WDC In Memoriam Fund. For more information on In Memory Giving or if you need any assistance at all, please call us on 01249 449550 or email [email protected].