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Beach cleans are helping but, as up to 95% of the plastic that ends up in the oceans comes from towns, cities, it's vital that we clean up our urban environment.

Getting as many people involved in WDC's Urban Beach Cleans is imperative if we are to stop whales and dolphins from dying of starvation through eating plastic that they've mistaken for food.

The Plastic Nightmare - it's #NotWhaleFood!

We have a problem and the problem is plastic.

Plastic pollution in the oceans poses an enormous threat to whales and dolphins - a shocking 56% of all whale and dolphin species have been recorded eating marine plastics and it's now a well-known fact that there will be more plastic (by weight) than fish in the oceans by 2050.

It’s simple, quick and really satisfying to pick up litter and, done as part of an Urban Beach Clean with friends, neighbours or colleagues, it’s sociable, good fun and is great for team building too.

Why not combine your Urban Beach Clean with a Street Collection in aid of WDC? We can provide buckets, collecting jars and t-shirts.

To join an Urban Beach Clean near you, or to find out how to organise your own, visit

Or email [email protected] or call 01249 449500 for more information.

Julia Bradbury at NotWhaleFood urban beach clean
Urban beach cleaners
Almost 21kg litter
Curious ducks!