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The 2019 Varsity Match Plastics Challenge


WDC and The Varsity Match are inviting all schools to take on the 2019 Varsity Match Plastics Challenge.

Plastic pollution in our oceans poses a real threat to our planet, and by 2050 we could see more plastic by weight in the ocean than fish. 56% of all whale and dolphin species have been recorded eating marine plastics they've mistaken for food, and we want to your help to spread the word that plastic is #NotWhaleFood.

On match day, 12th December 2019, WDC is offering two educational sessions on ocean plastic pollution in the break between matches. Sign up your school now to take part in this fun and interactive activity!

The Challenge

Come to our session at match day to learn more. Then choose ONE of the activities in 'Take Action' and hold a non-uniform day to help us create healthy seas for whales and dolphins.

1. Learn more

Join our workshop at the Varsity Match

We can all do something about this issue - so take on our challenge to help keep our oceans plastic-free in the future. Your school will receive a range of fantastic, free resources to support the challenge including an educational pack.

Places are limited so book now!

Need tickets for Varsity Match 2019?

The Varsity Match Website

Take a peek at our educational pack here.


2. Take Action

Organise an Urban Beach Clean

A shocking 95% of plastic waste comes from our towns and cities, and is carried to the oceans by the wind, rain and via rivers, so keeping our urban environment clean is important. Your school can help us tackle plastic waste at the source: clean up the local neighbourhood and prevent plastic and other litter ending up in the sea. We will help with guidance, a t-shirt for the organisers and litter-picking kit (where we can).


Create a work of art

Re-use and recycle clean unwanted plastic by bringing it from home for a week, then use it to create works of art. Anything from collages to sculptures, it’s a great way to be creative and at the same time communicate an important environmental message. We have lots of inspirational examples to get you started.   

3. Make a Difference

Hold a non-uniform day

Fundraise to help protect whales, dolphins and their ocean homes.

By holding a non-uniform day with each pupil bringing in a small donation, your school can help us create healthy seas for whales and dolphins. A fun and simple fundraiser with a big difference.

WDC will send you a fundraising pack with loads of ideas and themes for your non-uniform day. If you prefer to do something else, let us know. We can help with other easy-to-do ideas.


Send your school's best idea on how to reduce the use of plastics at home or school. The top three ideas chosen by WDC and the Varsity Match will win a dolphin adoption for a year!

Send your ideas to [email protected]

T&Cs apply.


Sign up for the challenge!

Get in touch with the team at

[email protected]

01249 449 500 (press 2)


  • Schools taking part will receive curriculum-linked educational resources to support the challenge. Easy and eye-opening activities to help pupils reflect and form an opinion on a big environmental issue.
  • WDC can help with equipment for your Urban Beach Clean, and the organiser gets a fab #UrbanBeachClean t-shirt.
  • WDC will send you a fundraising pack with loads of ideas and themes for your non-uniform day.
  • On match day, WDC will run two FREE and interactive sessions on Ocean Plastic Pollution. Spaces are limited, so sign up to the Varsity Match Plastics Challenge now to secure your places! The sessions will take place in the break between the matches
  • The first 10 schools will have free access to ‘Plastic is Forever’ – an award-winning film by teenage filmmaker Dylan D'Haeze.